Chemicals & Materials

Technology Adoption
& Commercialization

Our journey began with companies from the entire composite manufacturing value chain, the 3D printing universe as well as new metal powders and sheet metal compositions.

Over the last few years the companies we’ve worked with have also included specialty chemical players, industrial gas players as well as oil & gas and downstream process licensors.

What are clients asking us:

  • Out-licensing of membranes developed for resin transfer processes to applications outside the composite manufacturing value chain
  • High productivity automated dry carbon fibre manufacturing processes
  • Portable NDT solutions & portable repair & validation solutions for fibre reinforced composite products
  • New material compositions for nuclear waste baskets
  • Low cost alternatives to existing Titanium alloys
  • Exploring the possibility of new manufacturing (e.g. welding) processes to reduce rework & improve the quality of their industrial equipment
  • Expansion of geo markets by way of licensing within the value chain to players situated in the target geographies
  • Out-licensing of existing best in class manufacturing processes to other industries (e.g. from process equipment to high throughput & high quality pipeline manufacturing)