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A prominent entity in the renal care services arena wanted to assess the market potential for dialysis centers in Moldova. With aspirations to expand its presence in the dialysis domain in Moldova, the Client sought insights into various external factors, especially those which could influence their Mergers and Acquisitions strategies in the region.

Client Success Details

Our rigorous research methodology, consisting of secondary research and analysis of specialized databases, allowed the Client to deeply understand the dialysis market potential in Moldova. Various parameters, from social and political conditions to specifics of process flow in the medical sector, were examined. The study addressed several pivotal business questions, including:

The dialysis market, crucial for those with renal diseases, is influenced by various external factors, from socio-demographics to legal setups. Grasping the dynamics of the Moldova dialysis market was vital for the Client’s successful expansion.


  • What are the essential parameters needed to understand Moldova’s market potential in the dialysis domain?
  • How does the prevailing political, social, legal, economic, and business setup of Moldova influence its market potential in the dialysis sector?

The parameters assessed for a comprehensive market analysis included:

  • Dialysis Prevalence and Incidence
  • Reimbursement Systems/ rate and forecasted value
  • Market Access
  • Product business market share erosion rate
  • Competitive environment in product and provider business
  • General legal set-up
  • Market standard / FME product-technical gap
  • Market standard / NC standard gap
  • Specificities of process flow
  • Local labor law analysis

Our Research Methodology involved:

  • Desk Research: Deep dives into various sources including regulatory body websites, government policies, company sites, discussion forums, conferences, World health data, World bank data, and others.
  • Paid Data Analysis: Examination of specialized market research reports to gain nuanced insights into the dialysis sector.

With our systematic research, the Client was furnished with comprehensive insights into the dialysis market in Moldova, including information on prevalence and incidence, reimbursement systems, and market access, among others. This empowered their marketing and strategy teams to make data-driven decisions, ensuring a smooth and informed market entry.

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