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Quick overview

With the growing demand for processed chicken and meat products in the foodservice industry, there is an increasing need to identify efficient and faster processing technologies. The engagement aided in scouting the automated processing technologies for chicken and meat along with three technology partners which resulted in bringing production efficiency.

Client success details

The support and insights delivered by FutureBridge helped our client evaluate the technology partners that brought production efficiency. The engagement also enabled to identify “State of the Art” processing technologies related to fillet separation technologies. We answered a number of questions for our client including:

Companies have introduced automated technologies to simplify the process thereby increasing the processing speed, yield, cost-efficiency of the processes and reduce overhead costs & labor, thereby meeting growing consumer demand
  • What are the emerging technologies for chicken and meat processing and what is the extent of automation?
  • Who are the key players and which are the specific SMEs / Start-Ups to offer automatic processing lines?
  • Which are the “best-in-class” solutions for processing based on technology benchmarking?

FutureBridge conducted extensive desk research and expert consultations across the industry to help the client:

  • Evaluate the type of solutions related to chicken and meat processing
  • Identify the details of new concepts for in-line processing methods with external design consultancy
  • Evaluate the “State of the Art” processing technologies related to fillet portioning and preparation

FutureBridge provided he technologies have been advanced in nature due to their imaging systems which can calibrate accordingly with separation based on the image capturing platforms. We identified three technology developers for the solutions and finalized two technologies for automated chicken and meat processing.


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