Technology Adoption &
Commercialization Center

Your IP/technology may offer best solution
for a new product in a different industry


Your innovation program may leapfrog with
an external IP/ technology

We partner with large corporates, start-ups, universities and other mid-sized players to facilitate technology adoption and commercialization with a unique, methodical, scientific & comprehensive approach for deal making and tech transfer.

Our services:

  • Technology Adoption:
    Pace up product development and brand building by scouting and adopting IP/technologies of global organizations, brands and the world’s most innovative start-ups.
  • Technology Commercialization:
    Commercialization of technology portfolio by identifying best case applications and transfers to supplier ecosystem and to non-competing companies/industries.

How it Works


We facilitate Technology Commercialization for our client partners, often creating a technology push in multiple industries globally where selected technologies have potential applications.

We scan technology landscapes to identify and evaluate best technologies for our customer’s technology adoption needs and go the extra mile to ensure that sourced technologies are deployed effectively by making use of our channel partner ecosystem model.

Our unique capabilities for technology adoption and commercialization emanates from our deep and structured approach while developing and executing customized solutions for:

  • Technology Scouting & Evaluation – Customers and partners engage with us to identify best fit technologies for their technology adoption and commercialization needs. Our customers and partners vouch for our unique and objective models of technology evaluation
  • Technology Marketing & Sales Strategy – Client partners trust us to build and execute robust strategies to have the best possible route to market for technology commercialization
  • Technology Commercialization Sales Execution & Deal Making – We do all the heavy lifting to identify and engage with decision makers and key influencers for deal making. Our methodologies and processes ensure best possible deal for all parties in the shortest sales cycle.
  • Ecosystems For Technology Transfers – Customers rely on our scale and global reach to get best matched partners to facilitate technology transfers

At FutureBridge, we work in a very unique space, offering unmatched services to our clients. We take complete ownership of the process to enable technology adoption and commercialization. Client’s engagement time to be invested in the entire process is kept minimal, required only at critical decision making stages & approvals.

Case Studies


Benefits to clients who wish to commercialize their technologies:

  • Financial benefits
  • Brand image
  • Knowledge base & inventors benefit
  • Technological benefits
  • Vendor benefits

Motivation for customers to explore external IP/Technologies for adoption:

  • R&D risk mitigation
  • Game changers
  • Strategic focus
  • Open innovation
  • Problem areas
  • Meet regulatory/environmental norms

A novel technology transfer & commercialization model

This case covers the execution of a novel portfolio based technology transfer framework model between a leading Aerospace OEM & a prominent luxury car manufacturer. This model allowed the auto manufacturer structured access to an Aerospace OEM’s suite of world class technology portfolio.

World class sport equipment using automated CFRP manufacturing processes

This case outlines how a CFRP composite near net manufacturing process that was originally developed for airframe component manufacturing, was transferred to a racket in the sports equipment industry. This transfer enabled the development of world class quality carbon fiber rackets.

Wind blade de-icing solution – Knowhow based technology transfer

A surface treatment technology from a leading OEM helped one of the world’s largest Wind Turbine manufacturers significantly reduce the blade ice formation problem of their wind blades to be installed in cold climates. This case also illustrates how knowhow based technology transfers take place in absence of any patents backing the technology.

Disrupting the friction stir welding equipment market

This case talks about how the capital cost for friction stir welding (FSW) equipment was significantly reduced while adding an additional machining capability. A leading OEM’s novel FSW process coming together with a market leading CNC machine tool builder exhibiting nuances of successful tech transfer.