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Chemicals & Materials Innovations driven by redefined industries

E-Mobility Opportunity for Chemicals & Materials Industry

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is picking up the pace, with countries like the UK and France mandating deadlines to phase...

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

Composites in Offshore Oil & Gas

The increasing demand for oil and gas has led to a continuous exploration in deep sea. With the pressure rising to several...

Life Sciences

Impact of Microbiome on Gut Health – The Second Brain

The term Microbiome represents the entire microbial population in human gut. This paper focuses on microbiome population in...

Life Sciences

Aging Population – Impact & Management

The aging population can hit the worldwide economy in numerous ways due to the expanding demand of health care services for a...

Opportunities For H2O2 Catalysts In China

Chemicals & Materials

Business growth opportunity assessment for fixed bed H2O2 catalysts for the Chinese...

Reinforcing Agents in Rubber Applications

Chemicals & Materials Advanced and smart materials

Potential premium pricing strategy assessment in commoditized mechanical rubber goods...

Technology Landscape BGE Sensors

Life Sciences

Medtech company investigated sensors or detection technologies that could be used for BGE...

Drug Eluting Technologies for Medical Implants

Life Sciences

Investigated various technologies, polymers and materials that could be used to deliver drugs at therapeutic levels from implant...

Bioavailability Enhancement of Oral Dosage Forms

Investigated novel bioavailability enhancers / technologies appropriate for oral dosage...

Pump Rental Market Assessment

Industrial Manufacturing

Pumps manufacturer evaluated the industrial pumps rental market in Australia, Brazil and Europe in order to inorganically expand...

Large Reciprocating Gas Compressors Market Assessment

Industrial Manufacturing

To strengthen market positioning in the large reciprocating gas compressors segment, compressors manufacturer evaluated global...

High Pressure Gas Compressors Market

Industrial Manufacturing

Compressors manufacturer evaluated market expansion opportunity for gas compressors in China, Japan, South Korea, US and Middle...

Global Remanufacturing Fluids Market Assessment

Industrial Manufacturing

Market assessment for fluids which used in engine and transmission remanufacturing...

Disinfection Systems Opportunity Assessment

Industrial Manufacturing

Global pumps manufacturer explored potential business opportunities and target customers for industrial applications of pumping...

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