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Mobility Connected Mobility

Regulations, Collaborative Business Model & Funding Fuel ADAS

In this bulletin we cover: major developments in ADAS and AD spotlight on AEye’s IDAR...


E-mobility in 2023 and Beyond

As we step ahead into 2023, our Mobility consultants took a look at the disruptions, advancements, and future outlook for the...


COP27 – Setting the Path to Net Zero

The 27th annual United Nations Conference of the Parties or COP 27 recently concluded at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. COP27 will...


Green Steel – Road To Cleaner & Sustainable Future

Steel, one of the key materials on which our modern world is built, comes with a severe problem of energy-intensive production....

Mobility-as-a-Service: Future of Mobility Industry


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Lithium-Sulphur Battery: A Breakthrough towards Net-Zero Economy


For decades, Lithium-ion battery technology has revolutionized a wide array of industries in consumer electronics, industrial...

Solid-state Batteries to Make Inroads in EVs by 2025

Mobility Electric Mobility

Research pioneers race to accelerate roadmaps for the game-changing Solid-State Battery technology for Mobility by 2025. The...

FutureBridge Predicts When Solid-State Battery Cost Will Match Lithium-Ion

Mobility Electric Mobility

3 Mar 2021 Watch the news here Many of you know that Toyota and Quantumscape are working on solid-state batteries. And now we...

Paradigm Shift in Automotive Aftermarket: Strategies to succeed

Mobility Sustainability

With vehicle manufacturers aiming at becoming mobility providers and incorporating electric offerings into their portfolio,...

Photonics to Power AI


With the rapid advancements of AI and ML applications, a quickly developing marketplace for processors that can better...

48V Tech to Accelerate the Two-wheeler Segment’s Electrification

Mobility Electric Mobility

Key takeaways in this bulletin include: Industrial Tracker Spotlight on mild-hybridization strategy of Volvo Cars OEM of the...

Emerging Trends in Electric, Autonomous & Shared Mobility


Electrification, autonomous & shared mobility are the focus areas for the industry in 2022 and beyond. FutureBridge Mobility...

Advancements in Vehicle Architectures for Mass Electrification


Electrical and Electronics architectures are becoming more complex than ever to support electrification, autonomous driving, and...

The Reality of Hydrogen Mobility Behind the Hype

Mobility Sustainability

This webinar is part of a webinar series on "Disruptive technologies for electrification". Hydrogen fuel cells are still in...

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