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Food and Nutrition Reduction and Reformulation

Innovative Startups in the Food Industry

Demand for nutritious ingredients, product transparency, and ecologically responsible sourcing dominates the food industry,...

Food and Nutrition

Reformulating Nutrition – Transition of F&B to Nutritive Products

The F&B industry is seeing the emergence of a wide range of players including electronics and biotechnology players who are...

Food and Nutrition

Future Opportunities in Functional Foods

The functional food market is expected to be approximately a USD 268 Bn market by 2027. A large section of the population is...

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

Emergence of Cannabis in Mainstream Food and Beverages

With more consumer acceptance and relaxation in the regulatory norms revolving around cannabis-infused products, the cannabis...

Patent Analysis: A Window into the future

Food and Nutrition

The article focuses on the importance of patent research and how innovators can utilize patent insights to predict what, how,...

Precision Agriculture – The Digital Future of Farming

Food and Nutrition

Crop production is struggling to keep up with the need to feed the growing population and the challenge is intensified by the...

Roadmap to Regenerative Agriculture

Food and Nutrition Reduction and Reformulation

F&B players throughout the value chain are implementing sustainability goals by focusing on roadmaps to reduce carbon...

Insights on Insect Protein in the Food and Beverage Segment

Food and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness

Several census statistics have suggested that the world population will reach over 9 billion by 2050. Due to the drastic...

Sodium Reduction in Food: Enabling Techno-commercial Strategies

Food and Nutrition

Sodium reduction is a growing trend in the food industry which is largely driven by the regulatory pressure forcing companies to...

Waste Valorization for High-Value Food Ingredients

Food and Nutrition Sustainable Value Networks

Food loss and waste cause about $940 billion yearly in economic losses. The demand for sustainable natural ingredients has led...

Plant-Based Egg

Food and Nutrition Reduction and Reformulation

Basic Overview of Plant-Based Eggs Plant-based eggs have joined the rising trend of alternative proteins and have been welcomed...

Strategies for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

Food and Nutrition Reduction and Reformulation

Developing a portfolio of product choices to address consumer demands related to health and zero/low-calorie alternatives Why...

Trends Shaping the Future of Snacking

Food and Nutrition

The past five years have seen substantial changes in consumer lifestyles and preferences. While the majority of the population...

Technology Innovations in FoodService Industry

Food and Nutrition

Industry majors are reimagining restaurants and retail stores to improve operations, service delivery and excel in customer...

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