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Energy New Customers

X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization

X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization. Technological obsolescence risk for a company is getting more...

Energy Electrification of Energy

Electrification of Process Heating – Capitalizing the Opportunity

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. Renewables are estimated to...


Q&A from the Webinar- CCU : Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset

Here are the responses to the questions asked during the webinar “CCU: Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset”...

Energy Carbon Neutrality

CCU : Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. One strategy is to use...

Can Microgeneration be the future of Building Energy?


The leading global concerns are climate risk and GHG emissions. Countries are moving ahead to deploy renewable technologies...

Renewable Fuels: A Transition to Clean Energy

Energy New Energies

Renewable Fuels are fuels produced from renewable resources like biomass, wind, solar, and other non-exhausting sources of...

COVID-19 Impact: Uncertainty over the Future of Clean Hydrogen Sector


Introduction As the world fight COVID-19 pandemic and the global economy is gearing up to face the worst recession since the...

Smart Homes: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Connected Home


Smart home technology has its applications in household appliances, home safety & security, lighting, and entertainment. Key...

Leveraging the Potential of Electric Vehicles as Grid Assets


Electric vehicles (EVs) present an opportunity to replace fossil fuels in the transportation sector. Electrification of the...

Green Hydrogen from Wastewater: A Viable Option?


The global climate risks and energy security issues have compelled the countries to rapidly increase the adoption of renewable...

Opportunities for CCUS in Australia: Growing Traction


Growing CCUS momentum Australia is expanding its emissions reduction policy from renewable energy to the deployment of CCUS...

Voluntary Carbon Market Speeding up Global Decarbonization

Energy Carbon Neutrality

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) was created to support programs to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In its infancy, the...

Innovative Technologies Advancing Industrial Decarbonisation


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and the decarbonisation of industrial processes is one of the...

Is Buoyancy Energy Storage Technology a Viable Solution

Energy Efficiency Optimization

The world is currently undergoing a comprehensive energy shift with an increasing proportion of intermittent energy sources on...

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