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X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization

X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization. Technological obsolescence risk for a company is getting more...


Advanced Biofuel Economy – Way forward solutions

Advanced biofuels are one of the choices available to decarbonize transportation in the short to medium term, particularly for...


Allam Fetvedt Cycle

The Allam-Fetvedt is the novel supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) power cycle which is used to reduce emissions. It utilizes a...


Large Scale Hydrogen Liquefaction – Enabling the Hydrogen Economy

With energy transition picking up globally to comply with Paris Agreement, companies and countries are looking for solutions to...

Ecosystem Assessment for Direct Air Capture


Quick overview Our client, a global Utility player, is engaged in producing climate-neutral e-methanol and e-gasoline. To stay...

Large-scale Hydrogen Storage Ecosystem Assessment


Quick overview Our client, a global energy player, was looking for an assessment of various large-scale (150-300 tons) hydrogen...

COVID-19 Impact: Uncertainty over the Future of Clean Hydrogen Sector


Introduction As the world fight COVID-19 pandemic and the global economy is gearing up to face the worst recession since the...

Smart Homes: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Connected Home


Smart home technology has its applications in household appliances, home safety & security, lighting, and entertainment. Key...

Suppliers Identification – Feedstock Security for Production of Biofuels


Quick overview Our client, an integrated energy major, was looking for biomass availability in Europe, the USA, Canada, South...

Market Assessment for Offshore Green Hydrogen Production


Quick overview Our client, a global engineering player, wanted to assess the potential for offshore green hydrogen production....

Opportunities for CCUS in Australia: Growing Traction


Growing CCUS momentum Australia is expanding its emissions reduction policy from renewable energy to the deployment of CCUS...

Melamine – the ‘Avenger’ for Carbon Capture Technologies?

Energy Carbon Neutrality

We all have heard about Marvel’s Avengers and its popular character Tony Stark – the tech genius a.k.a ‘the Iron...

Green Ammonia – An Alternative Fuel


Currently, the whole world is facing the challenge of climate change and the global temperature is rising mainly because of...

Towards Decarbonising Marine Fuels


As per International Maritime Organization (IMO), the shipping industry’s annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions total more than...

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