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Industrial Equipment As-A-Service Models (Equipment, Product, Results based)

X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization

X-as-a-Service: Accelerating Energy Transition with Servitization. Technological obsolescence risk for a company is getting more...

Energy Efficiency Optimization

Is Buoyancy Energy Storage Technology a Viable Solution

The world is currently undergoing a comprehensive energy shift with an increasing proportion of intermittent energy sources on...

Energy Carbon Neutrality

Push for Renewables: Grid Integration Challenges and Technologies

Fossil fuels, including Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil, release large amounts of carbon dioxide. These emissions are trapped in the...


Will Flow Batteries Overthrow Li-ion for Large-scale Energy Storage?

Introduction The search for reliable grid-scale energy storage that does not necessitate massive civil engineering projects...

Biofuels – A Worthwhile Investment Opportunity for Oil and Gas Players


Climate change is making frequent headlines in various reports and international protests are beginning to grab the attention....

Transforming Energy Industry with X-as-a-Service

Energy New Customer Solutions

XaaS - is a general, collective term that refers to the delivery of anything as a service - is emerging as a new product...

COVID-19 Impact: Uncertainty over the Future of Clean Hydrogen Sector


Introduction As the world fight COVID-19 pandemic and the global economy is gearing up to face the worst recession since the...

Smart Homes: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Connected Home


Smart home technology has its applications in household appliances, home safety & security, lighting, and entertainment. Key...

Sustainable Building Materials

Chemicals & Materials Sustainability

How sustainable building materials can be used for different applications What is meant by sustainable building material?...

Large Scale Energy Storage Solution: Beyond Lithium-ion Technology


With the increasing emphasis on greening the grid and powering the world with renewables', the need for a feasible storage...

Opportunities for CCUS in Australia: Growing Traction


Growing CCUS momentum Australia is expanding its emissions reduction policy from renewable energy to the deployment of CCUS...

CCUS: Opportunities & Challenges


Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is vital for the world to achieve the ambition of net-zero emissions by 2050. It...

Biofuels: Opportunities & Challenges

Energy New Energies

Substituting fossil fuels with renewable alternatives such as biofuels is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and...

New Advancements in Hydrogen Storage


In this report we cover: What are the new advancements in hydrogen storage? How is hydrogen set to be a part of our day-to-day...

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