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Quick overview

With the global EV DC charging industry moving towards one standard, US and European automotive OEMs manufacturers adopting CCS charging standard, our client, a leading Battery Charging solution provider, wanted to understand the global DC charging technologies.

Client success details

The support and insights FutureBridge delivered, helped our client in understanding global EV DC charging infrastructure and share of each segment in terms power rating, charging standard, application, etc. Our analysis answered several of our client’s critical business questions including:

Despite regular improvements in EV charging technology, charging infrastructure still suffers from data inconsistency and lack of consistent standards in many countries. How can an EV charging player minimise such challenges?
  • What is the historical and current market size of global EV DC charging technologies?
  • What are the key market trends, growth drivers, regulations and challenges?
  • Who are the key domestic and international market players? What is the pricing for DC charging station for each of the key players? What is the market share of each key player?
  • What is the growth outlook of global EV DC charging by each technology?

FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research to understand the overall global DC charging infrastructure. Our research included:

  • Current market size (Value/No. of stations) for DC Charging Station (50 kW to 150 kW) by key technologies/ standards
  • Historical and future growth of the market
  • Prevalent standards (CCS, CCS2, CHAdeMO, Tesla) in different geographies
  • Value chain analysis for DC charging station market
  • New technologies, product features developed in DC charging market
  • Competitor analysis in DC charging station space on various parameters

FutureBridge further analyzed the different government subsidies/incentives available for DC charging stations.

Also, FutureBridge identified the potential geographies and end segments for DC charging stations and also the market potential based on current market size, margin, competition and future potential.

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