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Quick overview

Our client, a leading mining equipment manufacturer, wanted to expand its portfolio into the drilling fluids space through an inorganic route. The client wanted our support to understand the market attractiveness of drilling fluids. It further wanted to identify and qualify key mining drilling fluid manufacturers aligned with attractive market segments for potential acquisitions.

Client success details

With our help, our client was able to gain thorough understanding on most attractive drilling fluids sub-segments and best-fit partners in these segments. FutureBridge answered several strategic questions including:

The mining industry is constantly evolving with vertical and horizontal integration of value chain pillars across products, technologies and services.
  • What is the mining drilling fluid market size and segmentation by fluid type, application and focused region?
  • Which sub-segments are most attractive based on defined criteria)?
  • Which are the best-fit targets based on decent exposure to most attractive mining sub-segments, and operations in focused regions?

FutureBridge conducted extensive primary, secondary research and expert consultations across selected industries to develop a concise view of the drilling fluids landscape and actors. Primary research included interviews with mining drilling fluid manufacturer, mining contractors, end users, thought leaders, independent consultants and analysts.

FutureBridge further distilled out the most attractive sub-segments based on different criteria (market size, growth rate, trends, gross margin, popular fluid type, competition intensity, customers’ geographic concentration, EHS compliance, synergy to existing client’s business). In addition, FutureBridge shortlisted 3–5 best-fit targets in the most attractive drilling fluids segments for the client for deeper due-diligence. The work FutureBridge carried out enabled our client to formulate a suitable business expansion strategy on attractive segments and best-fit targets.

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