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The innovation in ophthalmic diagnostics and imaging has gained increased importance owing to the rising geriatric population in recent years. Players and researchers are working to develop more efficient, non-invasive screening and diagnostic devices to address the gaps and unmet needs, which will change the future of ophthalmic diagnostics. The advancement in technologies would provide better eye scanning for patients to measure their visual acuity and refractive error, and for clinicians to take wide-view images of the eye, without requiring expensive equipment. New ophthalmic screening devices would increase patients’ understanding to efficiently manage the condition with the availability of remote diagnosis.

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Table of Contents

  • Overview of Ophthalmology
  • Latest Innovations in Ophthalmic Diagnostics and Imaging
  • Recent Technology Improvements in Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices
  • Key Trends Driving the Future of Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices
    • AI based screening
  • Drivers, Challenges and Unmet Needs in Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices
  • Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices – Key Players
    • Startups
    • SMEs
    • Big Players
  • Ophthalmic Diagnostic Devices – IP Activity
    • Year wise
    • Geography wise

Research Methodology

The research methodology is a combination of extensive primary and secondary research. This includes analyzing patent literature, scientific articles, market data, regulations, industry-specific news, startup activities, investments, transactions, and collaborations.

Our research methodology draws upon interviews with participant players in the value chain, coupled with analyses and insights from FutureBridge analysts and consultants covering the industry landscape.

Key data points and developments across the industry and research are monitored and analyzed by our in-house experts to spot technology trends, scout for emerging opportunities, and provide contextual insights.

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