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FutureBridge Oncology consulting team identified 3 transformative themes at the ASCO 2022 that will impact the future. 

  1. Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) development leads the path
  2. Circulating DNA (ctDNA) adopts the role of a vital & versatile biomarker
  3. T Cell and beyond: Success of cell therapies transitioning in solid tumors

ctDNA has emerged as a potential liquid biopsy-based biomarker across the cancer landscape. In ASCO 2022, there were more than 80 studies presented on technological developments and the clinical relevance of liquid biopsies. Amongst these, ctDNA liquid biopsy was one of the most extensively studied. The main themes focused on the analysis of ctDNA before and after systemic treatment to accurately predict early disease progression, reveal genomic dynamics, and mechanisms of resistance during treatment, and predict the success of therapies. An emerging trend in early detection of minimal residual disease across tumors is also seen which holds potential in making informed treatment decisions.

This report compiles key presentations at ASCO 2022 that evaluate the clinical utility of ctDNA in cancer therapy and provide insight into future treatment strategies.

  • Clinical Utility of ctDNA for Disease Management
  • ctDNA as a Non-invasive Source of Mutational Analysis
  • ctDNA as a Measure of Therapy Response and Resistance
  • ctDNA for Detection and Monitoring of Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)

All these topics are analyzed in detail with insights from the FutureBridge Oncology team.

Download your copy of the detailed report and request a meeting with the Oncology Consulting team.



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