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Thrive Renewables will invest up to £6.5 million in the first geothermal plant located on the United Downs Industrial Estate in Cornwall, UK. This geothermal plant will supply both ~3MW of electricity to National Grid, enough to power around 6,500 homes and ~12MW of renewable heat for local use. This investment from Thrive Renewables is expected to play a crucial role in promoting the geothermal resources in the UK’s clean energy generation mix for providing base-load renewable electricity and decarbonizing the UK’s heat consumption.
This project is utilizing the successful new generation, semi-automated hydraulic rig to drill the wells called the Innovarig. The water from the deep wells circulates in a closed loop and heat is transferred to a secondary working fluid for further heat supply and electricity generation. FutureBridge’s Energy Insider’s Q4 Pulse for Renewable Heating and Cooling delves deeper into similar demonstration projects and tracks the development in the decarbonization of heating and cooling application for continual information dissemination.

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