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With the rise of the millennial population, there is growing consumer demand for functional and healthy food & beverage products. To meet the requirements, manufacturers invest in research and launch unique functional beverages with engaging flavors. Our client understood the evolving trend for functional beverages and wanted to map existing products and identify opportunities in the marketplace.

Client success details

The support and insights delivered by FutureBridge helped our client gain insights on the currently available functional and healthy beverages, and their active ingredients. FutureBridge supported our client to identify the potential markets and target segments with whitespaces for its product launches. We answered a number of questions for our client including:

A major global survey claims more than four in 10 consumers have increased their purchases of functional foods, beverages, and supplements since the onset of the pandemic
  • What are the current and emerging trends in the beverages industry? What are the emerging concepts?
  • What are the regulations associated with functional beverages?
  • Which novel active ingredients claiming health benefits are emerging in the beverages sector?
  • What are the features and clinical evidence regarding the safety of the identified active ingredients?




FutureBridge conducted extensive desk research and expert consultations across the beverage industry to develop a focused analysis and relevant insights that included:

  • Identification of current and emerging trends comprising of targeted health conditions, ingredients, and claims
  • Assessing features and clinical evidence on the safety of the identified active ingredients used in beverages
  • Identifying emerging product formats and associated positional claims
  • Understanding regulatory frameworks and their impacts

FutureBridge further analyzed current industry activities, proposals, and the plans of key players, plus various related technical, commercial, and regulatory factors to understand the future of the Li-Ion battery value chain. The manufacturing cost analysis of each additive and LiPF6 salt was done. The work FutureBridge carried out enabled our clients to define their business plan and operational roadmaps.

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