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Increasing populations and diverse consumer demands are the key factors influencing the Food and Beverage sector. The industry has witnessed growth for healthy convenience products that are available via online retail platforms.

Generations X, Y and Z are exploring healthy lifestyles through functional and nutritional foods. They demand nutrition-rich, natural, artificial-free and allergen-free ingredients that do not compromise existing product taste. This is one of the critical challenges facing the industry. These new generations are also demanding ingredient transparency for packaged and processed foods, in sustainable and aesthetically-appealing packaging with simple labeling and easy traceability. Such changing consumer demand dynamics for new, innovative and healthy foods provide rich research opportunities for F&B manufacturers and supporting industries.

Major trends impacting the Food and Beverage industry include:

  • Increased consumer awareness about healthy plant-based foods
  • Free-from products
  • Smart packaging
  • Simple and clean labeling
  • E-commerce friendly packaging
  • Easy to carry & single-serve packaging
  • Ethnicity-based positioning of products
  • Advanced near to city farming practices
  • Policies on sustainability all across value chain
  • Investment inflow from established players to startups
  • Integration of blockchain technology with supply chain

Working with fortune 500 players across the value chain for almost two decades in all parts of the world, we have a clear understanding of industry challenges and client problems. Empowering more informed and insightful decision making, our extensive research is conducted by domain-specific professionals and supported by our network of industry experts with over 10 years’ experience.

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