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The Energy industry finds itself in the midst of the largest disruptive shift since the industrial revolution two centuries ago.

The increasing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability means having to optimise energy efficiency, develop green energy and embrace advanced technologies such as digitisation.

Global shifts in energy consumption patterns will redefine the energy and utilities value chain. The rapid growth and development of renewable energy, distributed energy generation and electric vehicles, alongside the adoption of smart devices and the arrival of prosumers, are all putting pressure on the Energy and Utilities sector to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for customers.

These disruptions in the traditional operating model of Energy and Utilities are providing new avenues of growth for existing players. They’re also enabling the influx of new market participants offering innovative solutions, driving the evolution of new business models and expansion into new verticals and markets.

With extensive experience of tracking this sector, we work with clients across the Energy and Utilities value chain, helping them adapt to the changing business dynamics, supporting them in their growth strategies and enabling them to stay ahead of the latest technological and market developments.

Our Solutions

Finding answers to unique technology, market & business objectives.We create powerful solutions by harnessing our teams deep technology know-how and industry expertise.

Case Studies

Analysis of Partnership Programs

Leading industrial automation company focused on analyzing partnership programs and benchmarking them based on key benefits offered
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Technological Assessment of Energy Storage Batteries

Evaluation of latest and ongoing developments in energy storage battery technologies and analysis of the recycling market for Li-ion batteries
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Technological Evolution of Molecular Modelling and Materials Informatics

Integrated oil and gas player focused on exploring the level of progress made in the areas of Molecular Modelling and Materials Informatics
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Competitive Landscape of the Turbine Services Market

Assess the market opportunity for servicing of gas and steam turbines and identify key players in the market
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