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Designing for a smart, interconnected urban world

The converging advances in automation, telecommunication, and information technologies creates enormous opportunities for energy majors, like resource optimization and new customer services, but also unprecedented challenges, like cyber-security and ensuring compatibility.

Given the dynamic landscape of technologies from different domains and their potential to disrupt energy value chains from various angles, energy players can hardly foresee all the implications from the inside.

FutureBridge helps energy majors stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances and market trends that can disrupt their industry.

Thanks to FutureBridge’s expertise across energy’s value chain and across industries, energy majors can readily stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances and market trends that can disrupt their industry.

Landscape of enabling technologies

  • Sensors, actuators, and AI
  • Telecommunication and information technologies
  • New uses of different types of data
  • Digital and automation technologies
    • Cloud computing
    • Blockchain
    • Robotics

New applications of enabling technologies

  • Smart city, grid, building, home
  • Shared mobility
  • New business models
  • Redefining energy majors’ role in value chain

Few key questions clients are asking us in the area of IoT: Smart City / Grid / Building / Home

What are the on-going and planned smart city development initiatives in China?

What are the various technology and market developments related to Building Energy Management Systems and Home Energy Management solutions, and who are the key players?

How will the proliferation of distributed energy generation (DEG) affect utilities’ business and their relationship with customers?

How will the future grid evolve to cater to the additional energy load from the proliferationof e-mobility?

How will new developments in power electronics affect the new generation of behind-the-meter electrical equipment?

Which will be the key building blocks for smart city’s full integration over the next decade? Which companies would be the key integrators? What would be energy majors’ role?

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