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Quick Overview

The client, an eco-conscious enterprise, aimed to transform their wood waste into valuable upcycled products. The primary objective was to identify local collaborators for technology licensing or potential business partners to set up a production plant within the chosen geographical region.

Client success details

Our research methodology, encompassing both secondary research and primary discussions, provided the client with clarity on the innovation landscape surrounding wood waste upcycling. It facilitated a deeper understanding of the key techno-economic determinants across different technological pathways. The study addressed several vital business inquiries, such as:

Amid growing sustainability trends, transforming wood waste into functional products is gaining traction. Identifying the ideal technological pathway and securing the right partnership is pivotal for such ventures.
  • What are the breakthrough technologies emphasizing nutrient recovery, energy efficiency, and monitoring/control in water treatment?
  • Who stands out among startups in this technological domain, and which among them present partnership opportunities for the client?
  • Through a review of recent IP and patent filings over the last seven years, what innovative concepts have surfaced across industries?

In-depth insights encompassed:

  • Innovation Over a Decade: Detailed analyses of innovation trends over the previous ten years, pinpointing origins across various geographies, including EU, US, Canada, among others.
  • IP Landscape: Profiling proprietary IP stakeholders, bifurcating them into corporate entities, academic research institutes, and individual patent filers.
  • Technological Breakdown: Unveiling distinct upcycled product production technologies and their classification into primary categories such as thermochemical, biochemical, among others.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Providing a granular understanding of players producing upcycled products from wood feedstocks, especially within regions of interest, and conducting a techno-economic assessment to underline prime partnership prospects.
  • Geo-technological Insights: Offering a panoramic view of the technology landscape shifts across countries, emphasizing wood waste upcycling, and presenting a cohesive report on technology maturity stages.

The methodological framework:

  • Secondary Research: An in-depth desk review to decrypt the status of prevailing technologies, salient innovation trajectories, diverse end-products, and the innovation fabric across global geographies. This phase also spotlighted the forerunners in the wood-based upcycling realm.
  • Primary Engagements: Orchestrating over 40 intensive interviews with mavens and technologists in the wood waste upcycling sector. This step was instrumental in grasping intricate techno-economic nuances and spotlighting entities resonating with the client’s vision.

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