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Quick overview

Our client, a European energy major wanted to identify early-stage technologies for CO2 capture that can be further researched and incorporated to reduce scope 1 emissions.

Client success details

The Weak Signals Program helped client in identifying and compare multiple solutions that are at different maturity level and can be used for point source carbon capture. Our well tested methodology helped them identify and segregate the signal from the noise thus identifying the most suitable solution that can be deployed to reduce CO2 emissions across their facilities. Our analysis answered several of our client’s critical R&D questions including:

The Solution as a result of WSM Model helped our innovation as well as R&D team to establish a business case and prove the worthiness of Carbon Capture Technology 
  • Which early innovations can mitigate large scale CO2 capture?
  • When are these solutions (signals) expected to mature and what are the associated triggers?
  • How does the investment roadmap for the select signal look like? Which players are investing and how have been the trend?



The engagement comprised of a holistic approach to assess the upcoming technologies to capture carbon dioxide from point source and included the following key steps:

  • Developed a comprehensive WSM Database by reading of Think Tank Reports (IEA, IRENA, NREL, NETL, etc.) and Industry Insider reports related to CCUS pillar.
  • Identified technology clusters, technologies, research areas for CCUS and accordingly developed key strings for IP and SL for last 10 years, identified area specific innovation by reading IP and SL from each research area and tagged research projects for each research area.
  • Conducted foresight evaluation step by conducting a mathematical assessment of the relevant patents and literature count to categorize the results into four quadrants.
  • Analyzed the signals in top quadrant and matched its relevance with client’s implementation perspective.
  • Categorized the relevant areas (signals) into three categories – Act, Prepare and Watch based on the strength of the activity in industry for each area.
  • Identified trigger points for the qualified areas to provide an overview to the client about factors that will lead to mainstream adoption of these select signals.

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