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Quick Overview

The client, a prominent leader in the food & beverage sector, sought to install efficient wastewater treatment facilities to minimize the waste output. The core objective was to scout differentiating technologies, allowing them to reduce and repurpose the wastewater and the recovered chemicals.

Client success details

Our research strategy amalgamated both primary and secondary methods, facilitating the client in recognizing vital technology trends in areas like nutrient recovery, energy efficiency, wastewater recycling, and monitoring/control. The study aimed at answering several pivotal business questions:

In the dynamic F&B landscape, where sustainability is not just an option but a mandate, wastewater management presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Through meticulous research and industry immersion, we endeavored to provide our client with a blueprint, turning potential hurdles into distinctive advantages.
  • What are the breakthrough technologies emphasizing nutrient recovery, energy efficiency, and monitoring/control in water treatment?
  • Who stands out among startups in this technological domain, and which among them present partnership opportunities for the client?
  • Through a review of recent IP and patent filings over the last seven years, what innovative concepts have surfaced across industries?
  • How are brand leaders and prominent F&B companies innovating in the domain of wastewater treatment, and what strategies are they adopting?
  • What regulatory objectives govern wastewater management? Are there any associated incentives or penalties?
  • How are companies responding to their water footprints, and what strategies are being adopted to minimize them?

Our rigorous research process was underpinned by:

  • Secondary Research: Scouring through databases to pinpoint companies with groundbreaking technologies, while delving into company websites, annual reports, and analyst papers to garner intricate details.
  • Primary Research: Engaging in 15+ telephonic discussions with identified technology leaders to discern benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and fathom their roadmap for technology market entry.

The culmination of these efforts presented the client with:

  • A lucid understanding of current technology trends, underscored by a focus on membrane technologies, advanced materials, and innovative chemistries.
  • An evaluation of innovation based on recent IP and patent filings.
  • Identification and benchmarking of players wielding breakthrough technologies, analysing them based on management structures, patent portfolios, and revenue trajectories.
  • Highlighted short-term and long-term opportunities in wastewater treatment.

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