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Quick overview

A renowned food and beverage company was eager to explore innovative avenues in “circularity and sustainability of production waste/side streams” within their coffee/beverage segment. With an emphasis on leveraging ideas from both within and outside the food industry, the company’s aspiration was clear:

  • Grasp a comprehensive perspective on identifying production waste and side streams unique to their coffee/beverage production.
  • Conduct an extensive workshop with their Immersion Team to brainstorm, evaluate, and prioritize potential ideas.
  • The ultimate aim was to present a polished set of innovative strategies to the client’s Leadership Team.

Client success details

Harnessing a blend of web-based research, patent literature studies, scientific literature reviews, and executive discussions, a three-phase approach was implemented:

From the cultivation source to the end of the supply chain, coffee waste poses significant environmental problems arising from sources like untreated coffee waste, huge methane emissions from coffee grounds. Innovative players in the coffee industry are looking for novel ways to utilize the waste streams across the value chain, as the global concerns related to food waste is rising.

Preparation | Education Phase:

  • Initial groundwork to foster a better understanding of the task at hand, industry and academia scanning for the context, detailing out the approach and setting the stage for the upcoming workshops.


Ideation Phase:

A rigorous 2-3 days’ workshop ensued, which entailed:

  • Presentation of key research findings.
  • Group discussions and debates to nurture idea generation from waste circularity inspirations from coffee and allied industries
  • Rigorous scoring and evaluation of ideas based on pre-set parameters.
  • Culmination with a shortlist of top-tier innovative strategies/ideas


Idea Pitch Phase:

  • Development of compelling pitch decks for each shortlisted idea, ensuring each idea was profiled comprehensively.

The result was transformative. The client gained a clear picture of the solutions available in the market as well as in the research space. After thorough discussions, the best solution was pinpointed, perfectly aligning with the clients’ goals and vision.

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