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Our client is a prominent player in the Medical Device industry, specializing in Surgical Devices and Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). To further their market dynamics, our client wanted to further their market share in the surgical segment, primarily within the United States.

Client success details

Our research employed a dual-pronged approach, blending extensive secondary research with in-depth primary consultations with industry luminaries. This method empowered the client to discern prevailing trends, decipher strategic moves of key players, uncover unmet needs, and identify pioneering start-ups in the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) landscape. 

 The key questions addressed through this engagement were:

Through comprehensive secondary research and strategic primary consultations, we provided the client with critical insights into the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) landscape, including industry trends, strategic player maneuvers, and untapped growth potential.
  • Current Trends and Unmet Needs: Unearthed existing trends and unmet needs in the surgical sphere, presenting lucrative opportunities. 
  • Temporal Mapping of Opportunities: Charting the trajectory of potential opportunities in the near, mid, and long-term timeframes.
  • Best-fit Opportunities and Market Potential: Recommending opportunities aligned with real market potential for the client. 

We enabled the client to optimize tailored strategies, discover opportunities and trends in surgical devices and Minimally Invasive Surgery through:

  • Portfolio Alignment: Evaluated opportunities based on actual market potential to align with the client’s portfolio. 
  • Technological Landscape Analysis: Analyzed the current technological state in identified opportunity areas. 
  • Gap Identification: Discerned identifiable gaps in the MIS segment. 
  • Macro Trends Impact: Explored global technology, macro, and megatrends influencing the surgical landscape. 
  • Innovation Progression: Tracked advancements in the surgical space.
  • Major Player Initiatives: Scrutinized key initiatives by major players, encompassing investments, innovations, partnerships, and more. 
  • Unique Value Propositions: Defined unique selling points, differentiators, value propositions, and target segments for highlighted opportunities. 
  • Market Potential Assessment: Projected anticipated global market potential, with specific focus on markets like the US, Japan, Italy, and the UK. 
  • Market Dynamics: Discussed competition intensity, market share, and growth trends associated with identified opportunities. 
  • Competitor Offerings: Explored existing and forthcoming products offered by competitors in the surgical space. 

 Research Process: 

  • Desk Research: Extensive secondary research utilizing specialized technology portals, company databases, journals, and expert opinion sites. Rigorous patent literature exploration via platforms like QuestelOrbit, USPTO, and Espacenet. Comprehensive review of scientific literature through Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, and similar resources. 
  • Primary Research: In-depth discussions with a diverse array of experts including surgeons, researchers, market leaders, and other stakeholders in the surgical domain. 

The findings and insights established a definitive path for the client, enabling them to precisely identify the most promising opportunities in the MIS segment. This also facilitated a thorough comprehension of prevailing trends, key industry players, and innovative business models in the surgical domain. Furthermore, the study’s recommendations played a pivotal role in shaping product design, refining target surgical segments, and selecting innovative materials for efficient product manufacturing. 

 Benefits Achieved: 

  • Strategic Opportunity Identification: Pinpointed high-potential opportunities in the MIS segment, optimizing resource allocation. 
  • In-depth Industry Understanding: Provided a comprehensive grasp of current trends, key industry players, and innovative business models in the surgical domain. 
  • Guided Product Development: The study’s recommendations steered product design, surgical segment targeting, and the selection of innovative materials, enhancing manufacturing efficiency. 

These combined benefits positioned the client for strategic growth and a competitive edge in the surgical domain.

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