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Quick overview

Our client specializes in skin care cosmetic products. They needed our help to perform scouting activities to identify potential business partners in the Cosmetic Industry within the selected areas of the client’s focus and to understand the complete entity landscape in China.

Client success details

With our help, our client was able to understand the identify geographical hot spots and commercial entities type in China for each of the defined search fields. FutureBridge answered several strategic questions including:

China is a growing market and has immense opportunity in the personalized sustainable cosmetic segment. However, it needs a through scouting to identify the sound from noise.
  • Which potential partners appear to be promising based on the benchmark and fitment with the client’s vision?
  • What are the geographical hot spots and commercial entities types in China for each defined search field?
  • What are the technology trends coming out based on the entity landscape (e.g. strengths & weaknesses, etc.)?





FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research across selected industries to develop a concise view of the current and emerging personalized sustainable sector. Primary research included interviews with interesting technology providers (help from our linguistic capabilities) to assess the viability of their service offerings and future collaboration for our client to reach the local market of china.

FutureBridge further analyzed current technology trends activities, proposals, and the plans of key prospects, plus various related technical, and geographical hot spots (top provinces activity). The work FutureBridge carried out enabled our client to define their business plan and operational roadmaps.

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