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Quick overview

The client aimed to scope the landscape of food waste, alternate protein, and packaging innovations along with their sustainability aspects. The objective was to assess the current trending and upcoming solutions in the segment, their adoption rate in the value chain, and the sustainability aspects across the product value chain from farm to fork.

Client Success Details

Our comprehensive research methodology, involving secondary and primary research, helped the client assess various facets of the food value chain, including alternative proteins, shelf-life extending solutions, sustainable packaging, farm to fork monitoring, and food waste reduction. The study answered several of the client’s key business questions, including:

A food system that delivers food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised.
  • What are the feasible proteins and shelf-life extending solutions/concepts for short-term, mid-term, and long-term application, and their associated technologies?
  • What are the sustainable aspects of protein across the product value chain?
  • What are the technologies for farm to fork monitoring, and which solutions can reduce food waste? Who are the solution providers, and what are the other possible allied applications of waste products?
  • What are the emerging alternative proteins, their sources, scalability, and economic relevance?
  • What are the packaging solutions for shelf-life extension, and the sustainable/technological advancements for shelf-life extensions?
  • What are the novel/unique features associated with the identified solutions, and the prioritized sustainable protein solutions?
  • What are the sustainable/eco-friendly aspects of packaging solutions, and the next “best-fit” solution(s)?
  • What is the maturity level of the identified segments, and the strategic investment and scalability of the identified protein sources?
  • What are the valorization opportunities for the wastes generated across the process and generated food wastes?

The engagement involved a comprehensive approach to assess the current landscape and future potential of technologies in the segment. The following key steps were included:

  • Conducted secondary research based on open sources, including company websites, press releases, technology portals, scientific and patent literature from paid and open-source databases, and cross-industry data.
  • Established communication with key executives from companies to understand the gaps in gathered information.

Benefits to the Client:

  • Current developments with respect to alternative proteins on various parameters such as technologies, sustainability, and adaptability in the mid/long term were captured and analyzed to identify trends and focus areas.
  • Solutions for waste valorization across the food supply chain were scouted, including prevention, and monitoring of waste and reusing the wastage in a sustainable manner.
  • Solutions applicable to short-, mid-, and long-term application of existing crops, alternate protein, and food waste were mapped.
  • Investment targets (startups) with a focus on sustainability and innovation were identified.

As a result of our well-tested methodology, the client was able to map the landscape of food waste, alternate protein, and packaging innovations, identify trends and focus areas, scout solutions for waste valorization, map applicable solutions, and identify investment targets. This helped the client’s strategy and innovation teams to make informed decisions for sustainable development in their operations.

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