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Quick overview

The client sought to scout for innovations in cocoa flavor and color for new chocolate concepts and line extensions, and explore controlled cocoa post-harvest processing, including fermentation or drying with functionally active solutions, to introduce sustainability.

Client Success Details

Our analysis methodology involved secondary investigative approach and entity executive discussions, which enabled the client to identify cocoa technologies that can help produce innovative chocolate products, new trends and ideas in the cocoa segment, develop sustainable concepts, map concepts that can withstand temperature variations near the equator region, and use customer sentiments to identify key solutions. The study answered several key business questions, including:

Controlled cocoa post-harvest processing that include fermentation or drying with functionally active microbial cultures is explored by the active players in the segment
  • What are the current and emerging cocoa trends?
  • Are there already existing innovative ideas for a new chocolate concept on the market? What are the new concepts or ideas in the cocoa/chocolate segment?
  • What are the advancements in controlled post-harvest processing of cocoa? What are the various technologies?
  • What are the different solutions available in the cocoa market? What are the value-creation features for cocoa products?
  • What are the innovative ideas in context to flavors and colors for new chocolate concepts? What are the niches in the cocoa segment?
  • What are the existing functional microbial cultures on the market to apply to the cocoa bean fermentation to improve, e.g., flavors of the end product?
  • What are the reasons for the use of microbial cultures for cocoa fermentation? What are the functional impacts of controlled post-harvest processing of cocoa with active microbial cultures?
  • What are the whitespaces or unmet needs in the industry? Who are the potential technology providers and innovators in the cocoa segment?

The engagement involved a comprehensive methodology to assess the current landscape and future potential of technologies in the cocoa/chocolate segment. The following key steps were included:

  • Exploratory processes based on open sources, including company websites, press releases, technology portals, scientific and patent literature from paid and open-source databases.
  • Communication with key executives from companies to understand the gaps in gathered information.

Benefits to the Client

  • The client was able to identify cocoa technologies that can help produce innovative chocolate products.
  • New trends and ideas in the cocoa segment covering cocoa beans, mass, powder, and butter for chocolate applications were identified.
  • Ideas to develop sustainable concepts such as cocoa-free concepts, CBS, etc., were mapped.
  • Concepts that can withstand temperature variations near the equator region were identified.
  • Customer sentiments assisted the client in identifying key solutions.

As a result of our analysis and advisory processes, the client was able to leverage various innovations and emerging solutions in the market, from equipment, processing, and additives, to new concepts and solutions. This helped the client’s strategy and innovation teams to develop new, innovative, and sustainable chocolate concepts and products.

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