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Quick overview

A global ingredient supplier in the Food & Beverages industry expressed a strong inclination towards assessing the landscape of emerging entities in the alternative dairy segment. Recognizing the burgeoning demand and potential in alternative dairy products, they aimed to chart a comprehensive roadmap. To achieve this, the following critical goals were outlined:

  • Ensure that the team is seamlessly tapped into the pulse of innovations in the alternative dairy space, especially those under the radar and yet to gain mainstream momentum.
  • Efficiently discern genuine innovations and promising startups from transient trends – particularly in novel or less explored segments of the alternative dairy market.
  • Monitor a potential innovation or solution right from its nascent “promising” stage through to the crucial “implementation-ready” phase.

Client success details

Utilizing a comprehensive analysis combined with industry insights, expert consultations, patent literature reviews, and more a tailored solution was developed to meet the client’s specific needs in the alternative dairy domain.

Molecular farming and cellular agriculture are the most sought-after techniques in the search for Sustainable Animal Free Milk Proteins Innovations In serving the ingredient supplier, our expertise was amplified by understanding and analyzing a myriad of startups in the dairy alternative sector. Through meticulous mapping and profiling, we discerned the standout technologies, business strategies, and potential collaborations that these startups offered.


The results: A transformative engagement scope that comprised:

  • In-depth Landscape Analysis of alternative dairy startups:
    • Comprehensive mapping of technologies and ingredients at various developmental stages.
    • IP profile assessment, ensuring an understanding of the technological maturity levels.
    • Strategic direction gauging, along with an overview of existing partnerships.
  • Robust Benchmarking of the startups:
    • Assessing startups against a set of parameters, allowing for a comparative analysis.
    • Profiling and endorsing top-tier companies, spotlighting their unparalleled solutions.
  • Precise Partner Assessment:
    • Zooming into the top 5 startups with groundbreaking technologies in the alternative dairy domain.
    • Recommendations for ‘best-fit’ partners, aligning with the client’s vision and objectives.

The tangible outcomes were transformative:

  • Strategic Collaborations: The client forged partnerships with 5 pioneering entities in the dairy alternative space. These collaborations harnessed the startups’ innovative technologies, leading to a significant 10% cost optimization in new product development.
  • Technological Insight: By diving deep into the world of startups, the client unraveled the novel technologies being employed, discerning their superiority over traditional methods.
  • Market Comprehension: The client emerged with a profound understanding of the focal solutions companies are championing and the latent market potential in the dairy alternative arena.

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