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Quick overview

The client, a leader in the management and treatment of various chronic conditions in the renal, cardiac, and pain domains, sought to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unmet needs and identify weak signals specifically within the renal care space, focusing on renal replacement therapy.

Client Success Details

Our multifaceted research methodology, comprising secondary research, patent research, and primary interactions, equipped the client to unearth technology directions aligned with future horizons. The study addressed several pivotal business questions, such as:

Chronic renal conditions have seen significant shifts in treatment paradigms. With advancements in technology and a deeper understanding of the domain, there’s a surge in breakthrough solutions that promise enhanced care.

  • What is the optimal roadmap for the Client to evaluate, adopt, and pioneer potential opportunities, aiming to be a market disrupter?
  • How will exponential technologies reshape the Client’s business framework?
  • Which technology providers or start-ups align with the Client’s vision and strategy for potential partnerships?
  • What are the prevailing gaps and trends in the renal care domain, and how do they translate into opportunity areas?
  • How do Horizon I, Horizon II, & Horizon III technologies rank in terms of weak signals, strong signals, and hype? Which of these align best with the Client’s ongoing and envisaged business model?
  • Amidst the identified signals, which technologies emerge as industry benchmarks or budding innovations?
  • What are the inherent risks the Client might encounter with the shortlisted technologies, and what’s the justification for their further assessment?
  • Who are the dominant players gravitating towards this segment and their strategies to address the extant needs?
  • Which potential collaborators possess groundbreaking technologies and are open to an alliance with the Client?
  • What would be the ideal engagement model with these potential partners, considering the product type, market segment, or geographical implications?

Our exhaustive research journey, spanning across technology scouting, competition benchmarking, segment attractiveness analysis, and partner due diligence, culminated in invaluable insights for the client.

By harnessing our recommended solution framework, which encompassed opportunity universe building, impact analysis, horizon mapping, and multiple modules aimed at driving disruption, the client was primed to make informed strategic choices.

The end results empowered the Client to:

  • Identify opportunity realms aligned with varying time horizons.
  • Determine areas of innovation, either in isolation or in a converged manner.
  • Pinpoint suitable technology allies for the implementation of these opportunities, ensuring the best fit for their strategic vision.

Our rigorous approach ensured the Client was well-equipped to navigate the intricate web of renal care, prioritizing patient-centric innovations while sustaining their market leadership.

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