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Quick Overview

The Client, focused on the nutrition, health, and wellness sector, aimed to comprehensively understand the evolving and futuristic trends in the gut health market. The engagement sought insights into global market dynamics, key competitors, and opportunities for product innovations looking beyond a 2-year horizon. The primary goal was to identify solutions that promote a balanced and healthy gut, understand the competitor landscape, and discover potential opportunities in the segment.

Client Success Details

Our research methodology involved secondary research and entity executive discussions, which enabled the client to identify opportunities and challenges in the gut health market, map technological advancements of competitors, and identify the whitespaces and opportunities in gut health products from the perspective of consumer demands. The study addressed several key business questions, including:

72% of US consumers showed interest in consuming prebiotic fibers for improving overall digestive health. Health benefits beyond digestive health, is also on the rise – general health, immune health, and emotional health is recognized as key benefit specifically of probiotics
  • What are the solutions that result in a balanced/healthy gut?
  • What are the food & oral nutritional supplements (dietary supplements and OTC) and medical food trends that impact potential future – product | technology | service?
  • What is the consumer trend for gut health across all product segments?
  • What are the emotional, rational, and functional elements driving interest and triggering decisions within consumers regarding those trends?
  • What is the competition scenario in nutrition, health, and wellness segment for gut health?
  • Who are the active entities in the space of gut health and microbiome?
  • What are the direct competitors’ strategic directions vs. market trends?
  • Are there new innovative products and players with attractive offers in the market?
  • What are the whitespaces in the market?
  • Which solution providers have potential for strategic and business developments/joint development with the client?
  • What are the other possible opportunities in the gut health segment?
  • What are the opportunity roadmaps for the client in gut health segment?

The research process was exhaustive and included:

  • Desk Research: Comprehensive secondary research using open-source materials such as company websites, press releases, and technology portals.
  • Scientific and Patent Literature Review: Analyzing literature from both paid and open-source databases provided insights into recent technological and scientific advancements in the sector.

The results of our robust methodology equipped the Client with:

  • Detailed Market Insights: Comprehensive information on gut health products, understanding the opportunities and challenges in the market.
  • Competitor Technological Advancements: Insights into competitors’ innovations, enabling the client to refine its product strategy.
  • Whitespace Identification: The client gained knowledge of market gaps and opportunities aligned with consumer demand.

Conclusively, the Client was empowered with strategic insights, paving the way for informed decisions to innovate and cater to the dynamically growing gut health segment.

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