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Quick Overview

A renowned food and beverage company wanted to conduct a technological and strategic foresight program to identify alternative low-cost ingredients that can be used for pet food. The attributes for ingredients are – AAFCO approved, waste sources affordable, healthy, acceptable, palatable, and abundant.

Client Success Details

With an emphasis on leveraging ideas from both within and outside the food industry, the company’s aspiration was clear:

This innovation in pet food production sources cost-effective, sustainable ingredients through Low-Cost Waste Valorization, contributing significantly to a more eco-conscious and economically viable future
  • Understanding the significant waste streams for ingredient sourcing
  • Low-cost protein sources from waste streams applicable for pet foods
  • Short-term, mid-term, and long-term adoption opportunities

Seamlessly blending automation tools with human expertise an in-depth program was conducted based on web-based research, patent literature studies, scientific literature reviews, and executive discussions following which a three-phase approach was implemented:

Scanning Phase:

  • Scanning of different processes of waste streams in food, agriculture, energy, and plant processing.
  • Ingredients/sources obtained that can be utilized for animal feed/pet food application.
  • Technology/process developers to utilize the waste sources/co-products/by-products
  • Prioritizing opportunity clusters

Analysis Phase:

  • Analysis of the technology readiness level to utilize waste streams.
  • Uniqueness/proprietary details for relevant utilization/pre-treatment technologies
  • Technology developers for identified solutions with value-creation features.
  • Analysis of potential technologies/ ingredients/ product

Assessment Phase:

  • Identification of unique and emerging ingredients with cost saving benefit
  • Adoption feasibility of ingredients for short-term, midterm, and long-term
  • Potential collaborators for regenerative practices

The engagement involved a comprehensive weak signal program to identify early-stage technologies for waste valorization. The following key steps were included:


Pioneering Low-Cost Waste Valorization in Pet Food Production - A Case Study in Sustainable Protein Sourcing

Benefits to the client included:

  • Identified low-cost waste streams with high protein content for optimized ingredient selection.
  • Enabled the client to establish strategic partnerships with reliable protein ingredient suppliers.
  • Pioneered the implementation of sustainable practices in ingredient sourcing for a more eco-conscious approach

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