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Quick overview

With the rising demand for healthy and innovative snacks, our client wanted to identify new concepts for differentiated snacks using unique ingredient, packaging, and processing technologies. Our client also wanted to identify businesses and innovative technology developers open for collaboration.

Client success details

The support and insights FutureBridge delivered helped our client build an extensive database with a range of ingredients, concepts, and technologies for innovative snacks for short, mid-term, and long-term adoption. Our analysis answered several of our client’s critical business questions including:

Better-for-you snacking is a growing trend due to health- conscious consumer. FutureBridge helped our client build a roadmap to develop next-generation snacking concepts
  • What are the different novel processing technologies, products, and ingredients resulting in distinct texture, visual, and taste benefits?
  • What are the unique attributes, benefits, and limitations of the identified concepts?
  • What are identified whitespaces and market opportunities?
  • Who are the potential collaborators or partners?




FutureBridge conducted extensive desk and primary research across snacks and technology developers to define the concept landscape and generate relevant insights.

Our research included:

  • Current whitespaces and market opportunities
  • Identifying novel processing technologies, ingredients, and products
  • Unique and next-generation snacking concepts
  • Alternative ingredients for the preparation of snacks
  • Methods and stage of snack development

FutureBridge identified and analyzed technologies and ingredients with potential applications for snack production. Potential vendors for relevant technologies and ingredients were also identified and shortlisted. Our client was informed about the feasibility of short-term, mid-term, and long-term adoption of the shortlisted technologies.

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Our long-standing clients include some of the worlds leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.