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Quick overview

The client, a prominent food and beverage brand owner, expressed interest in conducting research and exploring the technology landscape to identify ingredients that have evidence of influencing gut barrier structure and function. Additionally, the client sought to pinpoint various indications that could be affected by small bowel barrier alteration, dysfunction, or other forms of gut barrier dysfunction.

The client’s requirements encompassed two modules:

Module 1: Ingredient Scouting and Scientific Evidence Scan

  • Identifying different ingredients that have a positive impact on gut barrier structure or function.
  • Determining the indications addressed by these identified ingredients that contribute to the enhancement of impaired gut barriers.

Module 2: Benchmarking and Detailed Analysis of Shortlisted Ingredients

  • Identifying the top ingredients from the list with substantiated data showcasing positive effects on gut barriers.
  • Exploring the intricate mechanisms underlying the shortlisted ingredients.

Client success details

The assistance and insights from FutureBridge empowered the client to conduct scientific literature research across platforms such as Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, Science Direct, and Clinical Trial Search. Furthermore, the research encompassed:

Conducting Ingredient Scouting and Scientific Evidence Scan and Benchmarking and In-detailed Analysis of Shortlisted Ingredients enhances gut barrier function through ingredients and contributes to shaping the future of nutrition and well-being
  • Secondary research involving technology-specific portals, blogs, journals, magazines, databases for company and product information, expert opinion sites, conferences, and seminars.
  • Patent literature research conducted on Questal Orbit, USPTO, Espacenet, and other relevant platforms.

The engagement scope further involved:

Ingredient Scouting & Scientific Evidence Scan

  • Exploring research activities in nutrition related to the gut barrier.
  • Identifying different bioactive ingredients that have a positive effect on gut barrier structure or function.
  • Investigating indications influenced by the use of these identified ingredients.
  • Examining assessment tests used to measure gut permeability.
  • Analyzing diverse claims suggesting reparative effects on the gut barrier.
  • Identifying active and emerging players offering products with ingredients claiming reparative effects on the gut barrier.

Benchmarking & In-detailed Analysis of Shortlisted Ingredients

  • Benchmarking identified ingredients based on parameters such as scientific/clinical evidence strength, toxic data/clearance, single or combined ingredient use, claims, and formats.
  • Evaluating clinical, preclinical, and in-vitro evidence supporting shortlisted ingredients and their outcomes.
  • Assessing the extent of clinical samples tested for the shortlisted ingredients.
  • Quantifying the number of positive outcome clinical studies for the shortlisted ingredients.
  • Determining whether the ingredient’s mechanism of action is in a blend or as a single entity.

Benefits to Client

  • The findings facilitated a comparative evaluation of ingredients with roles in mitigating diverse diseases linked to impaired gut barriers.
  • The insights aided the client in comprehending each ingredient’s mode of action, enabling an assessment of their effects on various conditions with distinct indications.
  • The client successfully shortlisted and selected top ingredients for product development.

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