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Quick overview

With an eye on the growing trend of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) replacement with electric power trains, our client needed to understand how hybridizatlion might impact ICE oil, air, and fuel filters, plus any new business opportunities for developing specialized filters. Our client also wanted to assess the market potential for their existing products in the 48V mild hybrids sector.

Client success details

With FutureBridge’s assistance, our client built a prioritized roadmap for sustainable material usage in various vehicle systems, especially answered from an EV development perspective. FutureBridge our client’s critical business questions including:

Electrification is making an impact on traditional component business for IC engines. The component players are exploring new growth opportunities
  • How might oil, air, and fuel filters technical requirements change due to hybrid powertrains?
  • What is the value proposition of filter products for hybrid applications?
  • Which of the existing E-Mobility products are suitable for hybrid adaptation?
  • What is the market potential across E-Mobility portfolios?




FutureBridge conducted extensive primary and secondary research across the hybrid mobility value chain. Our research included:

  • The identification of expected penetration of ICE engine in hybrid vehicles and their market share in next five years
  • Analysis of the critical filter product applications in 48V mild hybrids and the selection of critical future filter products
  • Identification of the technical modifications required for new applications

FutureBridge further analyzed our client’s market and ambitions for growth and arranged our conclusions on a Player vs. Material vs. Components map. Potential suppliers of relevant material were also identified.
The analysis FutureBridge completed has helped our client to define filter parameters suited particularly to hybrid vehicles, resulting in clear USP and the formation of sales strategies for OEMs and engine suppliers.

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