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Quick Overview

Our client develops products for the construction, building maintenance, energy and manufacturing industries. With an eye on future growth opportunities, client wanted to explore future product and service opportunities that are emerging in the areas of robotics and drones, and further investigate organic as well as inorganic approaches to pursue these to market implementation.

Client success details

With our help, our client was able to identify future short-term product / service opportunities emerging from technological advancements in robotics and drones. FutureBridge answered several strategic questions including:

Semi / fully autonomous robots, collaborative robots that are faster and offer safer operations to the construction workers
  • What are the future opportunities emerging from robotics that can be relevant for us in the short-to-mid-term?
  • How much could be the business potential of these opportunities?
  • Which are the start-ups pursuing these future opportunities? Are they willing to collaborate?
  • What is the customer POV towards these future opportunities?



FutureBridge conducted extensive secondary and primary research across the ecosystem of robotics and drone solution developers. The focus was on identifying early-stage opportunities that can be relevant in the short-term (3-5 years) as well as long-term (5-10 years). For the opportunities with high business potential, the idea was also to locate a start-up / potential partner that can be invested-in to fasten the road-to-market of such opportunities.


FutureBridge also conducted initial due diligence of the shortlisted potential partners to further locate the best-fit partner for our client. In addition, FutureBridge also analyzed activities from the client’s key competitors in selected future opportunities to ascertain their current position in the identified future opportunity space, and their possible strategy to enter some of these areas in future.

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