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Quick Overview

The client, prominent in the food industry, was keen on exploring opportunities in the functional and fortified sweet applications sector. The focus of the engagement was to identify the main players, understand their value chain, gauge the market demand, and, most importantly, discern how the client can differentiate in this burgeoning segment.

Client Success Details

Our analytical framework combined investigative analysis and extensive database studies, enabling the client to understand the dynamics of the functional and fortified sweet applications market, identify key players, and discover potential differentiation strategies. The study aimed to address the following key business questions:

Industry experts believe that consumers are proactively seeking sweet products with unique flavors that offer functional benefits that promote overall health and wellness
  • WHO are the main players in the area?
  • WHERE in the value chain do the players play?
  • WHAT are the value-additions and offerings created by the significant players?
  • WHICH functionalities are preferred by consumers in sweet applications?
  • HOW can the client differentiate in these markets (value proposition)?
  • The study provided detailed data insights, such as:
    • A comprehensive list of the main players in the area and their specific areas of activity.
    • Value-additions and offerings made by the prominent players.
    • Preferred functionalities by consumers in sweet applications.
    • Key differentiators for ingredient producers in the functional and fortified sweet applications segment.
    • Insights into the target consumer, their must-haves, and the optimal level of science required for these products.

    Through a systematic approach, the investigative assessment further determined how the client can create a strong brand identity in the targeted markets and highlighted unique solution attributes with high demand potential specifically in the USA and Canada. Moreover, the assessment determined which offerings and functionalities resonate with North American consumers and suggested potential ingredients to be incorporated into the client’s portfolio for growth.


The outcome of our assessments provided the client with clarity on value propositions in high demand, a deep understanding of market opportunities in the USA and Canada, insights on key differentiation ingredients and focus areas for R&D, and a broader view on the objectives of significant entities, target consumer preferences, and in-demand health claims. Armed with this knowledge, the client was in a prime position to strategically navigate and innovate in the functional and fortified sweet applications sector.

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