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Quick overview

Aiming to cater to the rising consumer demand for gut health-oriented bakery products, a leading bakery firm set out on an ambitious journey. Their focus was to introduce innovative products within a span of 2-4 years that championed gut health through the integration of prebiotic, probiotic, and symbiotic ingredients, and fermentation technologies. Their objectives encapsulated:

  • Identifying emergent gut health ingredients suitable for bakery items.
  • Gauging prevalent product developments steering traditional foods towards digestive wellness or carving new wellness pathways.
  • Exploring fermentation and enzymatic processes that safeguard ingredients during extended high-temperature baking, such as in bread-making.
  • Tapping into the evolving science of the human microbiome to accentuate health benefits.

Utilizing an exhaustive research methodology, the approach combined the potency of desk research, expert interviews, and consumer data meta-analysis. This involved delving into scientific and patent literature, company archives, press releases, and expert insights.

The engagement unfolded multiple valuable insights:

Technology Landscape:

  • A clear view of existing bakery products boasting gut health benefits.
  • Detailed understanding of the ingredient functionalities deployed in these products.
  • A discovery of research-centric activities targeting the probiotics and prebiotics segments specifically for bakery applications.
  • Unearthing technologies that enable ingredient stability during prolonged high-temperature baking.
  • Identification of studies advocating nutritional applications for consumer health enhancement.
  • Assessment of the consumer perceptions and expectations associated with the marketed solutions and products.
  • A clear map of entities active in this research space, coupled with insights on future R&D trends in the bakery category.
In the paradigm of gut-conscious bakery products, prebiotics and probiotics assert their dominance, crafting product of distinction

Opportunity Assessment:

  • Scouting active entities within the domain.
  • Pinpointing the ideal collaborators for the venture.
  • Analysing the pros and cons of potential collaborations.
  • Delving into the current technological collaborations of these entities.
  • Chronicling recent entity activities in the segment.
  • Highlighting collaboration, investment, and acquisition potentials.
  • Distinguishing geographical hotspots for targeted engagement.

The net outcomes were compelling for the client:

  • Comprehensive grasp over the ingredients landscape for gut-boosting bakery products and the existing consumer perceptions and expectations in the segment.
  • A holistic view of potential ingredient categories for incorporation.
  • Beyond mere landscape understanding, insights into consumer expectations, paving the way for actionable next steps.

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