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Quick Overview:

Our client, a prominent ingredients player offering a diverse range of oils and fats, aimed to broaden their plant-based alternative offerings. The primary objective was to identify new technologies and ingredients that could potentially integrate into their suite of formulations and ingredients to curate innovative technologies and ingredients for future food and nutrition formulations.

Client success details

Our client, a key player in the ingredients sector specializing in oils and fats, aimed to broaden their offerings in the plant-based alternatives segment. To assist them in this endeavor, we provided access to our advanced Food & Nutrition platform, an upgraded iteration derived from our earlier BETA platform, tailored specifically for their needs.

Through our new Food & Nutrition platform, our client harnessed invaluable insights and utilized our proprietary SIGNALS dashboard. This dashboard dissects innovations and technologies into intricate details while tracking their progression from initial stages to various developmental phases. The signal momentum is gauged by monitoring:

  • Intellectual Property, such as patent publications
  • Scientific Literature, including journals and academic research
  • Industry Developments, encompassing company announcements and industry news

Our signals dashboard effectively addressed crucial queries for our client, like:

The signals dashboard efficiently pinpointed new ingredient sources and innovative formulation solutions, enriching our existing range. We’ve selected three potential partners and are actively engaged in discussions to integrate their offerings into our services.
  • Which alternative fats show the most rapid development for use in plant-based meat formulations?
  • What are the technology readiness levels of emerging formulations?
  • Which startups exhibit potential for partnerships or investments aligning with our objectives?

The SIGNALS dashboard within the FutureBridge Food & Nutrition Platform empowered the client to select innovative technologies and ingredients poised to enhance their suite of formulations. Experience the potential of the FutureBridge Food & Nutrition Platform through a demo.

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