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Quick Overview

Our client, a leading specialty chemicals company, sought to perform a comprehensive market receptivity analysis for polymer/composite polymer electrolytes in the solid-state battery sector. The goal was to leverage market feedback to enhance their own in-situ material during the pre-launch phase through a thorough need-gap analysis relative to existing products and suppliers.

Client success details

Our client aimed to deeply understand the market dynamics surrounding polymer/composite polymer electrolytes for solid-state batteries. This comprehensive analysis was essential for positioning their product effectively regarding pricing, chemistry validation, and identifying gaps and needs associated with the new generation of batteries.

The key questions addressed through this engagement were:

Our collaboration with FutureBridge, leveraging the strategic blend of the Blue Sea approach and Ansoff Matrix model, resulted in a conclusive market demand and go-to-market (GTM) strategy. Their team’s thorough analysis, employing a funnel approach and considering product chemistries, stakeholder profiling, and pricing strategy as boundary conditions, prompted us to reevaluate our product within the solid-state battery electrolyte segment.
  • What is the outlook for Solid-State Batteries (SSBs) incorporating polymer/composite solid electrolytes?
  • Who are the prominent global manufacturers, formulators, OEMs, and start-ups involved in developing polymer/composite polymer electrolytes for SSBs?
  • What are the primary chemistries and standout product features offered by leading competitors in the polymer/composite solid electrolyte market?
  • What are the key growth drivers and challenges facing the adoption of polymer/composite solid electrolytes in SSBs?
  • How is the market share distributed among emerging cell/battery chemistries incorporating polymer/composite solid electrolytes?
  • What are the critical pain points and unmet needs in the realm of polymer/composite solid electrolytes, as identified by industry stakeholders?

The market need-gap analysis conducted by FutureBridge provided a comprehensive understanding of the solid-state battery (SSB) landscape. Critical insights were uncovered through meticulous evaluation, including market assessment, product and supplier landscape analysis, and need/gap assessment.

Further, our consulting deliverables included –

  • Market dynamics and growth projections,
  • Detailed competitive landscape analysis
  • Identification of key market needs and gaps
  • Recommendations for product positioning and strategic decisions

This holistic approach empowered our client to make informed decisions, strategically position their product within the rapidly evolving solid-state battery market, and align their product offering with market demands, fostering growth and competitiveness in the segment.

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