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Quick Overview

A prominent healthcare brand owner in Pharma, Med-Tech, and Consumer goods industries sought comprehensive solutions for sustainable packaging materials and processes. With a focus on meeting sustainability requirements, the client aimed to explore options for energy and water conservation. Their objective was to identify sustainable materials and processes within these sectors, leading to the development of a robust horizon roadmap for future endeavors.

Client success details

With the insights delivered by FutureBridge, our client gained a comprehensive understanding of innovation trends over the past decade, spanning various geographies.

The key questions addressed through this engagement were:

The acquired analyses have strategically positioned us in the market, igniting collaboration and innovation for a more sustainable future. This partnership has proven pivotal in propelling our sustainability agenda, driving meaningful strides towards a greener industry.
  • What are the primary and secondary packaging materials commonly used in consumer health, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries?
  • Who are the key technology developers in these areas, including commercial entities, start-ups, and universities?
  • Which suppliers should the client consider for specific materials and the energy-efficient options available for HVAC systems in these industries?
  • Sustainable options for reducing water usage in consumer health, medical device, and pharmaceutical operations.

We categorized proprietary IP stakeholders through meticulous analysis and assessed research intensity in sustainable packaging. By benchmarking materials for sustainability and technical fit, optimal solutions emerged. We identified key players in sustainability and fostered collaboration opportunities, and processes for energy and water conservation. Our guidance provided insights into technology landscapes and competitive players, aligning with our strategic vision.

The meticulous secondary research provided a comprehensive understanding of developed technologies, key innovation trends, and prominent players in the sustainable packaging solutions and materials landscape globally. It included:

  • A thorough desk research to analyze developed technologies, innovation trends, and key players in sustainable packaging solutions and materials globally.
  • Primary interviews with industry experts to gain insights into sustainable materials’ value chain, regulations, pricing, applications, and primary and secondary packaging options.
  • Horizon roadmaps, scorecards, and assessed patents to identify suitable materials for sustainable packaging across consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and medical device sectors.
Sample Analysis

Benefits to Client

  • Enhanced comprehension of emerging technologies and sustainability metrics in sustainable packaging.
  • Strategic guidance on techno-economic factors and research trends for informed decision-making.
  • Identification of potential partners for strategic alliances, fostering business growth in the sustainable packaging sector.

Our engagement brought forth transformative perspectives, enhancing the client’s grasp of the sustainable packaging innovation landscape, encompassing emerging technologies, intellectual property, potent sustainability metrics, and global market analysis.

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