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Quick overview

Our client was working towards digitalizing the various aspects related to patient management for orthopedic surgeries. To define a technology roadmap to integrate different digital technologies around the patient journey starting from patient categorization to surgical planning and, post-surgery management.

Client success details

With FutureBridge’s assistance, our client was able to understand the different use-cases of digital technologies, thus enabling them to define technology capabilities needed in the organization to build a technology roadmap. FutureBridge supported the client to answer these business questions including:

Digitalization is touching every aspect of healthcare, where companies are working towards building a seamless experience for different stakeholders across the patient care continuum.
  • What are the on-market digital solutions for knee, hip, shoulder, and other orthopedic surgeries?
  • What are the key differentiating features of identified technologies/solutions?
  • What are the capabilities offered by the key players?

FutureBridge conducted comprehensive secondary research across the healthcare digitalization ecosystem for:

  • Validation of different use-cases/application areas of digitalization in the patient management
  • Identification of digital solutions that will deliver the desired use-cases
  • Mapping technology know-how and capabilities required to implement the identified solutions
  • Players with capabilities to deliver the unique value propositions

FutureBridge identified and validated the use-cases of digitalizing the complete surgery process to provide a holistic experience to all stakeholders from pre to post-surgery management.

FutureBridge analysis helped our client to understand the complete ecosystem of players active in the healthcare digitalization ecosystem and enabled them to build a technology roadmap to digitalize the patient journey.

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