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With more than 70% of consumers opting for hyper-personalized beauty products, both established corporations and startups are adopting AI practices to keep up with the rapid growth of AI hyper-personalization. However, as a future-forward techno-commercial consulting and advisory company, we are evaluating the viability and longevity of this trend.

We are trying to understand:

  • Will AI level the playing field for startups, small players, and big players?
  • Can careful planning and strategic investment in AI technology benefit all companies?
  • How will AI reconcile the subjective nature of beauty perception with technology, and what role will data privacy, legal, and ethical regulations play?
  • Will biases within AI pose challenges to beauty hyper-personalization?
  • What does the future of AI-based hyper-personalization look like?

We will delve deep to address these critical questions and explore new opportunities to accelerate the future of beauty brands.

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