Home Opportunities and Challenges in 5G-6G for Automotive Applications

The development of the 5G-6G network will accelerate the digital economy and profoundly impact the transformation of the Automotive Industry.

The benefits of ultra-fast speed, high bandwidth, precise positioning, and low latency could unlock new connected mobility services, such as robo-taxis, tele-operation, and fleet management. Furthermore, the network advancements could support new driver features, road infrastructure, and Smart Cities, leading to a new revenue pool for automotive players.

However, the high CAPEX to develop the necessary infrastructure, data security challenges, and regional deployment hurdles present roadblocks to adoption.

Join our webinar to learn about 5G-6G Automotive applications and data monetization.

  • Opportunities for 5G-6G in Autonomous Mobility: Robotaxis, Tele-operation , and Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Challenges in the Technological Readiness Level of automotive applications
  • The evolution of player ecosystem: Emerging Start-ups, key carmakers, and suppliers
  • Regional Activities: China, India, USA, and Germany

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