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This webinar forms part of a webinar series covering techno-commercial innovation across key technology domains for future Electrified & Sustainable Propulsion, including fuel cells, battery energy storage, and quick and wireless charging. 

Fuel cell technology could complement battery technology and accelerate electrification

The adoption of fuel cell technology in cars is still in its infancy in 2020, with approximately five thousand cars sold in China and Europe in 2019. But incentives in terms of subsidies in China, which saw fuel cell car sales grow by 80% in 2019 according to CAAM, government support in infrastructure, and increased player activity point to strong interest from the industry.

But is fuel cell ready for prime time?

Research work to improve the performance of fuel cells could accelerate their adoption road-map.

Recent catalyst developments are key to the future of fuel cell technology, and the large-scale commercialization of clean electric power for transportation, as they can reduce fuel cell costs, by reducing the use of precious metals, improve durability through innovative catalyst layer designs, and increase robustness to a range of operating conditions.

Join our webinar to:

  • understand the findings of the latest academic research to reduce cost and increase the performance of fuel cells, including new materials and new catalysts
  • explore recent commercialization plans of major players and innovative startups to scale fuel cells in passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • gain actionable insights from our benchmarking of different Fuel cell technologies, such as Hydrogen, Methanol, and Hydrazine
  • learn about techno-commercial road-maps across sub-domains and supporting infrastructure.

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Note : Click here to access the questions and answers from the live webinar session.

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