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The aim of this webinar is to provide energy and mobility leaders an overview of two major challenges along hydrogen’s value chain – storage, for which research on new materials is crucial, and infrastructure development, which new models and regulatory environments enable.

The storage challenge: Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements. While its high gravimetric energy density (energy density on a mass basis) is driving its usage as a fuel in transportation; its low volumetric density poses a challenge for its storage because it is difficult to store enough mass of hydrogen into a reasonable volume. Among different approaches, new material-based technologies are the most promising path towards effective and safe handling of hydrogen.

The Chicken-and-Egg Problem in infrastructure: On the one hand, the – still small – market for hydrogen FCEVs is expected to grow; on the other hand, early adopters of FCEVs require convenient access to hydrogen fueling stations. To solve this dilemma, diverse regulatory environments around the world are favoring infrastructure growth.

Join this webinar to

  • Identify new material-based technologies for hydrogen storage: Key developments towards commercial applications; and key challenges and how key players are tackling them
  • Understand the global trends in Hydrogen-fueling infrastructure: Infrastructure models; key challenges and drivers; and forecasts for H2 fueling infrastructure
  • Get an overview of players’ activity: Funding environment in research (e.g., on new materials for storage) and setting refueling infrastructure; and key players and collaborations with start-ups and academia

Who should attend

Leaders of major energy and mobility companies, particularly: managers and senior managers in diverse functions related to corporate strategy, portfolio management, R&D / innovation / technology, marketing and business development; and business units related to sustainability / low carbon technologies, mobility infrastructure, e-mobility, new business models, and external partnerships.

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