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Globally, the production of coffee is associated with significant environmental impacts, contributing to deforestation, habitat loss, soil degradation, and climate change. As part of coffee’s green revolution, there is an increasing need to adopt sustainable coffee practices to mitigate these issues. As consumers are also increasingly prioritizing eco-conscious choices, coffee production is at a crossroads, facing a confluence of challenges that require innovative and sustainable solutions. To address these sustainability challenges, coffee production approaches need to adopt sustainable means that encompass responsible farming practices, eco-friendly processing methods, and ethical supply chain management, all integral to coffee sustainability.

In this Webinar, Sukanya Nag, a food technologist who closely tracks the innovations and evolving industry developments in the coffee segment, will provide valuable insights and viewpoints regarding ways in which manufacturers, suppliers, and brands can bolster their sustainability initiatives economically and strategically, ensuring alignment with the evolving consumer expectations. Furthermore, she will share valuable insights from ongoing research efforts to uncover the innovative approaches for integrating climate-conscious practices into coffee production, reducing emissions at various manufacturing stages, and fostering the development of eco-friendly coffee products.

Join us to derive valuable insights from the exciting landscape of sustainable coffee production and learn about the emerging climate positive initiatives in the industry. Also, know:

  • What are the current market needs and challenges for sustainable coffee, and how can businesses meet those needs?
  • What are the tangible benefits for coffee companies in prioritizing sustainability, both in terms of environmental impact and business performance?
  • How do industry peers within the coffee sector currently lead the way in sustainable coffee production?
  • What are the latest innovations and technologies in the domain to meet sustainability aspects? Which are some of the early-stage innovations that can be implemented to address sustainability challenges within the coffee industry?
  • What are the potential strategies to incorporate sustainability in coffee production and processing?
  • What is FutureBridge’s take on addressing sustainability challenges, and which are the specific areas or trends in the industry to keep a close eye on?

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