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Quick overview

The demand for food products has continued to rise. With an aim to meet the rising demand, a milk products and biscuits manufacturer wanted to upgrade its manufacturing facilities and improve capacity. The engagement was focused on identifying, assessing, and benchmarking the strategic production lines.

Client success details

The engagement helped the client to define an equipment upgrade roadmap. It also helped the client to avoid immediate capex by discovering OEE enhancement options. The following questions were answered during the engagement:

LEAN manufacturing will continue to be relevant in the digital and post digital age as companies grapple with increasing supply while having more control on wastage and downtime
  • Which are our strategic production lines?
  • What are the sources of wastage and downtime losses?
  • Should we upgrade these lines or is there scope of OEE improvement without capex?
  • What should be the technology enhancement on production lines that are beyond operation improvement?

FutureBridge conducted extensive workshops on data collection and value stream mapping. The collected data was analyzed to provide improvement opportunities. The output included

  • Identification of opportunities that can improve OEE of strategic production lines to more than 70%
  • Prioritizing Opportunities to assign their relative importance based on impact, probability & adoption

Client was able to postpone capex of more than $50M by looking at options of upgrading the current lines. For the equipment requiring an immediate upgrade, state-of-the-art technology options were provided with a business case.

Client was able to identify ideas on waste reduction, process improvement, and downtime reduction, thus increasing throughput by more than 40%.

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