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Sustainable manufacturing involves improving product & process design and operating principles to maximize resource utilization, incorporate circularity and reduce environmental impact. Manufacturers, regulators, and customers are seeking players’ performance across various environmental goals, for example, reducing energy consumption & carbon footprint, reducing water & land usage, sustainable sourcing of raw materials and energy, switching to carbon neutral sources, reducing GHG and other harmful emissions, and many more. High fidelity and accurate measurement of these parameters must be enabled to successfully implement sustainability strategy while also ensuring trust across stakeholders.

This webinar is about technologies and tools to track and monitor different parameters of sustainability as well as systems that bring trust in the measurements and reporting. This webinar will help companies to understand the current scenario of technologies, applications, and best practices across industries for tracking and monitoring sustainability-related KPIs in their production processes. It will also provide an outlook for the next 5-10 years.

This webinar will provide a concise summary of –

  • Current technologies for efficiently and trustfully monitoring
  • Technologies’ Pros, cons, and Suitability for different applications
  • Success stories use cases, and scenarios for the future

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