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Renewable Fuels are fuels produced from renewable resources like biomass, wind, solar, and other non-exhausting sources of energy. Renewable fuels such as ammonia, methanol, biofuels, bioethanol, and biodiesel are sustainable and can be used as a potential source of heat by combusting them and harnessing the heat to be used for power generation purposes.

FutureBridge Energy team is conducting a webinar series that will uncover one by one different renewable fuels that are contributing to the energy transition journey. This first in this series webinar will focus on green ammonia (aka renewable ammonia), its production routes, applications, drivers & barriers, and what is needed further to make ammonia contribute to the industry as a clean fuel.

It will cover:

  • Overview of Renewable Fuels, their classification, and market size
  • Production routes and industry-wide applications
  • Drivers and Barriers – Commercial, Technological, and Infrastructure
  • Probable solutions to overcome those barriers

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