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With energy transition picking up globally to comply with Paris Agreement, companies and countries are looking for solutions to mitigate the emissions without compromising the energy demand. Clean energy sources like hydrogen produced from renewables could be “The Solution” provided it can be produced, stored, and transported at a low cost. The hydrogen industry is forecasted to become a multi-billion-dollar industry with 200+ million tons to be traded by 2030 from almost being non-existent today.

However, the key questions remain on the economic viability and scalability of green hydrogen at the global level. There are many potential solutions to the issue but one particular solution much debated in the industry is developing a large-scale liquefaction of green hydrogen produced from renewable sources. Carrying it in a liquid form allows enormous volumes to be transported without any pipeline infrastructure being set up.

FutureBridge will explore and showcase the potential opportunities and challenges faced in the green hydrogen industry from a transportation perspective, potential opportunity areas in the large-scale liquefaction value chain, and insights for energy and technology players to understand how much time it will take to witness the large scale liquefaction setups.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Existing hydrogen liquefaction capacity in the industry
  • Associated challenges and key R&D focus areas
  • Development of associated hydrogen storage and regasification infrastructure
  • Possibilities of scaling up to 150+ TPD of liquefied H2

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