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The demand for noninvasive skin rejuvenation continues to gain popularity for restoring a youthful face and body appearance, mainly due to present-day patients becoming more aware of various alternatives available in the skin aesthetics world. Moreover, in the past, the fear of surgery and risky outcomes made some people avoid aesthetic procedures. Still, they seem to be now much more open and comfortable in exploring less invasive non-surgical procedures for safe and optimal outcomes.

With the knowledge of the specific skin attributes to target, the clinician and patient employ appropriate healthy skin practices and aesthetic treatments. In the current ecosystem of skin rejuvenation, apart from conventional cosmetic treatments like botulinum toxin, fillers, and thread lifts, there are autologous therapies such as adipose-derived stem cells, stromal vascular fraction, micro fat, nano fat, and platelet therapies that also yield positive outcomes. However, it is anticipated that the application of energy-based skin rejuvenation devices would rise with increased efforts made by several aesthetic device manufacturers. An effective strategy to solve the essential business and clinical challenges will certainly pave the future of skin rejuvenation. Join our webinar to discover more information on skin rejuvenation:

  • The science behind targeting skin rejuvenation
  • The potential of energy-based technologies in skin rejuvenation
  • The challenges of assessing and measuring the outcomes of skin rejuvenation treatments
  • The strategies of top players in the industry
  • The whitespaces and future prospects for skin rejuvenation

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