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Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) is an emerging technology that provides access to new wind generation sites allowing for a diversified wind supply in future low carbon electricity systems. FOW offers new opportunities and alternatives. It opens the door to sites further offshore by allowing the deployment of wind turbines in larger and deeper offshore areas with higher wind potential. It overcomes a stumbling block to providing clean, inexhaustible, and non-polluting energy for a more sustainable planet.

The webinar will assist in getting a better understanding of how the energy gap will be fulfilled by renewable sources like Floating Offshore Wind Energy.

  • FOW projects around the world – Global FOW installed projects, Region-wise installed capacities, and upcoming key FOW projects
  • Value chain & Technologies – Value chain – EPC, Wind turbine producers, transport, installation, energy production, and transportation of energy to the grid
  • Industry Challenges – Commercial, Technological, and Infrastructure
  • Policies and regulations – Global and regional policies

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